SURRENDER Yourself – Human beings are the essence of the Lord


Human beings, by nature, seeks support or refuge of someone or the other. Why so? Human beings are the essence of the Lord. Hence they need the protection of their Supreme Father, the Lord.

Thus it becomes habitual to them to seek the refuge of someone or the other. Human beings have been bestowed intellect and have a treasure of wisdom within their being.

Hence, they can discriminate the sort of refuge that will be beneficial for them.

If one attains the refuge of the Lord alone, then one would not need any other support.

But when one does not surrender oneself unto the Lord for protection, they keep on seeking support from everywhere and everyone.

In fact, they ought to seek the protective support of the Lord, instead they start depending on their worldly wealth, family and property. They also lean their on knowledge or physical strength.

But all these apparent supports are

neither lasting nor stable. It is the Lord’s refuge alone that bestows protection to them both in this world and the world hereafter.

To seek protection is in the very nature of human. Someone turns to the Divine Master, another to Gods and Goddesses or anyone for that matter for protective refuge so that they may remain safe during their sojourn on this earth.

Whosoever’s protection human beings seek, they regard that one to be wiser and more competent. If that is the criteria, then they need to seek the refuge of the Lord alone, as He is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient.

Lord incarnates in the world era after era and bestows His benign refuge to humans to pave the way for union of soul and

the Creator. It is obvious, one needs no other refuge once one has been bestowed Lord’s refuge.

One who seeks the refuge of the Lord is fearless and free. He may attend to their worldly affairs but is always tuned to their Beloved Lord and is ever in comfort and bliss.

Learned Ones enlighten that human is the very essence of the Imperishable God, Who is pure and the source of true peace.

Therefore, one who seeks the refuge of Great Saints, is ever in peace, care-free and pure minded. He is never dependent on any one even in a dream.

If humans attain refuge of one another instead of the Lord, they are always assailed by woes and miseries. On the other hand, if they remain fully dependent on the Lord, they are always blessed with joy, comfort, and bliss.

The Divine Master of the time enlightens the path we have to tread. He is our true refuge and bestows the boons of devotion and liberation. We ought to seek His Benign Refuge, for He alone can free us from the cycle of births and deaths.

In Kali-Yuga, Lord incarnates in this world in the form of Holy Saints. He bestows True Name to humans, recitation of which uplifts their life spiritually. We are so fortunate to have attained the refuge of the True Saints of our era.

Our Shri Paramhans Divine Masters have enlightened us about the means to make our sojourn on this earth blissful and comfortable. They guide us to the Divine Abode and thus liberate us from the painful cycle of births and deaths.

We can never repay Them for Their limitless grace even in a million births. But we can do our part by following Their command of engaging in devotion with love, discipline, and dedication. This will surely pave the way to our spiritual success.

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