THE REALITY – Our life is it ours or is it an illusion?


Our life is it ours or is it an illusion? We wake up every morning to feel and understand this beautiful nature and things that surround us.

We start our day thinking about ways that will add further value to our life and bring us success and fame! This is how normal life works and is this is no different to anyone else’s life.

All of us believe acquiring worldly luxuries is the success and motto of our life. But how many of us realize that nothing is ours, nothing was ours and nothing will ever be?

We are a part of the five elements that belong to this mother earth and one day will again vanish into it.

All of us dream while we are sleeping. While we are dreaming, it is a reality in the subconscious of our mind. Things are actually happening in our mind till we open our eyes and we realize that it was a dream.

Similarly our life is also a big dream that would end one day and the name that we cherish and the body that we adorn that we are so proud off will perish.

Our true self, the soul will move on. What can the soul take along with itself? It cannot take money, photographs or relatives? All these things stay back and disintegrate back into our mother earth. All we can carry back is our deeds.

This sounds very different compared to our daily lives. We work at-least 8 hours a day and up to 5 to 6 days a week.

We keep running around and are stressed all the time for things that do not really belong to us. We do all these efforts for our worldly name and body that does not actually belong to us.

We all have to die one day. So how do we achieve the true goal of life, i.e. how do we up lift the soul, which is our true self? How do we live in this illusive world and work. and also uplift ourselves even while we are working and performing our daily worldly duties. This is a question which only true saints can answer.

We are very lucky to have reached one such door of true saints whose divine guidance helps us understand the true meaning of our existence and move a step closer to our creator.

All we have to do is to follow the five divine principles, that is, recite the daily prayers (Shri Aarti-Pooja), perform selfless service (Seva), seek the company of saints (Satsang), remember the creator in our every breath (Simran) and meditate onto the holy name (Dhyan).

By God’s limitless grace, we have been blessed with the human form, the most superior of the species present on this planet.

While we still hold our body, we should perform good deeds and refrain from ignoble deeds. Deeds are our real wealth (Karma) as they forever stay with us. Why should we take a black spot on our being for things that do not belong to us?

So let us try to understand the reality of life and start uplifting ourselves while we still live in this world.

It is never too late to move every remaining breath of ours into mediation and the Lord’s service.

Mediation doesn’t require us to use our mouth. Rather our breath is sufficient, which can continue to take God’s holy name even while at work.

Let’s understand that the worldly illusions (Maya) are trying to trick us. Only when we raise ourselves above these illusions with the grace of the true holy master, will we be able to understand the reality and grow out further so that we can merge into our source, the Divine.

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