What is Trigonometry Angles ? How it is used in different field

What is Trigonometry Angles ?

Trigonometry Angles The trigonometry Angles which are commonly used in trigonometry problems are of 0°, 35°,45°,60, and 90° The trigonometry ratio’s such as sine ,cosine and tangent of these angles are easy to the memorize. we will also show the table where all the ratios and their respective angle’s value are mentioned.

To find these angles we have to down a right-angled triangle, in which one of the acute angles will be to corresponding trigonometry angle. These angles will be defined with respect to the ratio associated with it. For Example, in a right-angled triangle, sinθ= & Perpendicular / Hypotenuse. 040 (P/H)

Similarly (Bear / Hypotenuse) tan” (Perpendicular (Base)

The three basic functions un trigonometry are sine ,cosine and tangent based on these function the other that are cotangent ,secant and cosecant are , derived on these function hence ,to understand trigonometry further we need to learn function and their respective formulas .

Uses of trigonometry in different field

Trigonometry plays a vital role in the field of architecture. People who are working in construction use trigonometry function in a number of different ways the most important function of trigonometry in architecture is to examine the height and width of structures, roof slopes ground surface of structures apart from this architects use sine and cosine function to calculate the exact face and loads .tangent function in used to calculate the height of the building and it is also use to calculate the whole budget for the construction.

Trigonometry is also very useful in criminology. It is used to calculate trajectory of projectile. Trigonometry can also examine the reason that what cause a Collision in a car accident and bullet short angle .It is useful to determine whether the object falls down from how an object down from Anywhere.

In Astronomy trigonometry is used to calculate the between stars and planets and how far stars and planets from Earth. Scientists use the principal of trigonometry in designing the space. Shuttles and rockets .It is impossible for the humans to go to the moon if they do not have the knowledge about the trigonometry.

Trigonometry plays a part and parcel role in Marine ideology. It is used to find the distance between celestial bodies, and biologists use it to get the information about the sea, animals like they try to understand them and how sea animals behave. They also used it to find the size of wild animals from a distance.

Trigonometry has its application in the music in the As we know that sound in travels in waves which irregular sound engineers use sine or cosine function of trigonometry to represent the Sound waves mathematically on the Computer In they Can view sound waves alter volume pitch and other things.

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