HUMILITY How big is the difference between the winner immersed in vanity and the loser assuming humility? The loser with his humility meets the Lord while the one who is vain wastes this rare boon of human birth. These words of True Ones make it so clear the advantage of being humble and disadvantage in … Read more


KEEP PATIENCE Generally, it is seen that people who have time do not have enough understanding and people who have understanding do not have time. Time and understanding do not come together. When we possess something, we do not understand its value, but the time we lose it, we gain greater understanding about it. Fortunate … Read more

कृष्णकृपामूर्ति श्री श्रीमद् ए.सी.भक्तिवेदांत स्वामी प्रभुपाद

भक्तिवेदांत स्वामी प्रभुपाद कृष्णकृपामूर्ति श्री श्रीमद् ए. सी. भक्तिवेदान्त स्वामी प्रभुपाद का जन्म १८९६ ई. में भारत के कलकत्ता नगर में हुआ था। अपने गुरु महाराज श्रील भक्तिसिद्धान्त सरस्वती गोस्वामी से १९२२ में कलकत्ता में उनकी प्रथम भेंट हुई। एक सुप्रसिद्ध धर्म तत्त्ववेत्ता, अनुपम प्रचारक, विद्वान् भक्त, आचार्य एवं चौसठ गौड़ीय मठों के संस्थापक श्रील … Read more

swami vivekanand ji

swami vivekanand ji महान विचारक और नोबल पुरस्कार विजेता श्री रवीन्द्रनाथ ठाकुर ने कहा था “आप भारत को जानना चाहते हैं तो विवेकानन्द जी का अध्ययन कीजिए। उनमें सब कुछ सकारात्मक है, नकरात्मक कुछ भी नहीं।” swami vivekanand ji ka bachpan बचपन- स्वामी विवेकानन्द का जन्म कोलकाता में पिता विश्वनाथ दस और माता भुवनेश्वरी देवी … Read more

Treasure Of Peace

TREASURE OF PEACE Many people harbour lust within and ironically seek to behold the Lord. They are such ignorant ones, who have sown the seed of poison and expect the fruit of immortality. If you have to recite, then recite the Holy Name of the Perfect Spiritual Master; if you have to behold, then behold … Read more

Tone of speech

Tone of speech Tone of speech – We should have complete control over our speech. No word should be brought on one’s tongue without thinking. The wound done by a weapon gets healed after getting time, but the wound done by speaking inappropriate words keeps on giving pain to the soul till death. Paramsant Shri … Read more


DIVINE DIRECTIONS DIVINE DIRECTIONS – For every field of study in this world, there are always experts with deep specialized knowledge about it. To gain knowledge, to learn a skill, or to have on hand experience in that field, the easiest way is to consult the experts and follow their directions. Similarly,  to gain true … Read more


HOPES And EXPECTATIONS HOPES And EXPECTATIONS – Why are today‟s humans so stressed and troubled? What is the root cause of their anxiety? The answer is their „Hopes and Expectations‟.  The  more  we  hope  for  and expect from worldly materials and relations, the more we fall into stress and anxiety. When we get close to … Read more


REAL IDENTITY – To begin this article, let us ask ourselves, a question: Who are we? There are two possible answers: we are human bodies  or we are something else within the human bodies. While looking at the words, there is not much difference between the two statements. However, our vision for our life completely … Read more


ETERNAL JOY Joy is an invaluable gift given by God to every human. It is the true and natural state of the soul. However, humanity has lost and forgot this state by indulging itself in the materialistic world, worldly relations, and sensual pleasures. It has been seen that humans wander from town to town, country … Read more


BHAKT AMBADAS JI Bhakt Ambadas Ji was a devotee of Lord Shri Ram. Lord‟s divine form had found a place in the core of his heart right from childhood. He had unshakeable faith that one day he shall attain the holy vision of the Lord in His radiant form. Love for Lord Shri Ram completely … Read more