LOVE IS GOD GOD IS LOVE ।। दोहा ।। दादू पाती प्रेम की, विरला बांचै कोई । वेद पुरान पुस्तक पढ़े, प्रेम बिना क्या होई ।। Meaning Whosoever reads the letter of love is rare. Reading Veda, Purana and books, Of no use without love, Dadu says fair. Great saint Dadu Dayal ji describes that … Read more

Present Moment

PRESENT MOMENT The term ‘Present Moment’ seems to be pretty simple and straightforward, but it certainly has a deep meaning in the real life. If one perceives the intended concept of attaining true peace and bliss in the present moment, his life will become magnificent. The entire universe is full of tremendous powers, peace and … Read more


PRIMARY DUTY This world is full of variety of people of varying ages. Everyone has their own views about life and their duties in this lifetime. As one’s age increases, one’s interests and worldly duties also change. In one age of his life, human being says that running businesses or going to jobs is his … Read more


MASTER GUIDES DISCIPLES MASTER GUIDES DISCIPLES – ANGER IMPEDES PROGRESS Anger is like a storm rising up from the bottom of your consciousness. When you feel it coming, turn your focus to your breath. Thich Nhat Hanh When young, devout Surdas ji wanted to seek initiation on the pathway to spirituality; he went to a … Read more


THE SACRED NAME THE SACRED NAME Everyone in this world is addressed by some name. However, are these names the real ones? The Spiritual Master enlightens us that all the worldly names and identities are false. They will perish one day. That is why the Gracious Saints always emphasize chanting the Sacred Name of the … Read more


HUMILITY How big is the difference between the winner immersed in vanity and the loser assuming humility? The loser with his humility meets the Lord while the one who is vain wastes this rare boon of human birth. These words of True Ones make it so clear the advantage of being humble and disadvantage in … Read more