Unemployment main issues and solutions

Unemployment main issues

One of the major hindrances in the growth of any country is unemployment. Unemployment is serious issue in India. Lack of education, employment opportunities and performance issues are some of the factors that Colleges And Universities in our Country.

Every year thousands of students pass out from there. But on other hand, UNEMPOYMENT rate in India is increasing day by day. Slowly it is becoming a big problem of our Country.

An army of unemployed has appeared.

Where there is no employment and people do not have employment are called UNEMPLOYED.

Unemployment is big Problem in the way of self and country progress.

Unemployment is also the lack of work for those who want to work.

Due to unemployment, many families have become hollow from the economic condition. Economic plans in our country will not be successful until the problem of unemployment eradicated.

Today we are independent but not financially capable.

Many reasons account for unemployment i.e. our population is increasing at a very higher rate. Our education system is also responsible for unemployment.

It is more bookish and less practical and It makes Students good only at paperwork.

They are not Skilled and do not have courage or confidence to start their own business, they often fail and become unemployed again. Now it’s time to solve this problem.

Family planning techniques should be encourage for stop increasingly populations

Our Schools and collages should pay more attention to Vocational training. With this mindset of every youth should be vocational.

Industries with short gestation period be established. Increase in capital formation promotes economic activities in the economy.

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