Present Moment


The term ‘Present Moment’ seems to be pretty simple and straightforward, but it certainly has a deep meaning in the real life.

If one perceives the intended concept of attaining true peace and bliss in the present moment, his life will become magnificent.

The entire universe is full of tremendous powers, peace and beauty, but most of us are unaware of the technique to receive this peace.

However, if one fortuitously reaches in the refuge of the Divine Ones and pays obeisance to them,

They provide him with such a thing which is the key to living blissfully in the present moment. As it has been stated in Shri Guru Mahima:

।। चौपाई ॥ देकर सत्य नाम की दीक्षा । सुमिरण की फिर देते शिक्षा ।। सुरत को अन्तर्मुखी बनाते । भक्ति प्रेम की ज्योत जगाते ।।

Meaning: The Perfect Spiritual Master imparts the Sacred Name of the Lord to one who enters His sanctuary and teaches him the art of meditation.

The True Master then connects devotee’s consciousness with the inner soul and ignites the light of devotional love inside him.

So what is that thing which enables us to live in the present moment and connect our consciousness to the Lord?

It is the ultimate grace of the Holy Master and the practice of the Sacred Name bestowed by Him.

When one indulges in the chanting of this Sacred Word in each and every breath, distracting thoughts of the past as well as the future vanish because human being starts recognizing himself, not as a body, but as a pure soul, an integral part of the Supreme Master.

This is the time when he really understands the actual meaning of Present Moment. He starts appreciating the peace as well as the beauty around him and his mind certainly becomes one pointed.

The awareness of the present moment is a natural healthy state of mind at which one receives the ambrosial nectar from inside. The fourth Divine Master Shri Guru Ramdas Ji enlightens us saying:

मन गुरमति चाल चलावैगो ||

जिउ मैगलु मसतु दीजै तलि कुंडे गुर अंकसु सबदु द्रिड़ावेगो ।। चलतौ चलै चलै दह दह दिसि गुरु राखे हरि लिव लावैगो ।। सतिगुरु सबदु देई रिद अंतरि मुखि अम्रितु नामु चुआवेगो ।।


Meaning: O mind! Walk on the path of the Master’s teachings. Just as a wild elephant is controlled by the prod, likewise, the mind is disciplined by the Sacred Word of the Master. The wandering mind wanders, roams, and rambles in the

ten directions; but the Master holds it and lovingly attunes it to the Lord. The True Master implants the Sacred Name deep within the heart; the Ambrosial Nectar trickles into the mouth.

The Great Ones do not dissuade us from learning from the past. Discovering upcoming dangers from the situations that took place in the past is essential for self preservation, but when our lives are directed by thoughts and emotions attached to bygone events and potential future outcomes, experiencing real bliss or present moment becomes much more challenging.

So all we need to do is practice the technique bestowed by the Great Spiritual Master to chant the Sacred Name. It is the secret to successful living in the present moment.

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