How big is the difference between the winner immersed in vanity and the loser assuming humility?

The loser with his humility meets the Lord while the one who is vain wastes this rare boon of human birth. These words of True Ones make it so clear the advantage of being humble and disadvantage in being vain. That is why, saints always advise the aspirants to be humble.

Learned Saint Shri Sanatan Goswami Ji was truly a learned one. His nature was humble and meek. Shri Jeev Goswami Ji was his nephew. Both lived in a cottage in Brij Bhumi on the bank of river Yamuna. Both used to remain immersed in recitation of Name of the Lord and His meditation.

Those days, it was the age of religious debates. Pandits and those learned in Sanskrit, in order to build up their repute in academics, used to roam from place to place to challenge learned men to debate and swell in pride of victory.

One day, one such learned man arrived in Brij Bhumi and challenged all the Pandits and learned of the place to a debate.

All the Pandits of the area told him that there were two knowledgeable people in the know of the Vedas and Shastras, i.e. Learned One Shri Sanatan Goswami Ji and his nephew Shri Jeev Goswami Ji.

They said if this learned man could defeat these two in debate, they would all accept his superiority. If those two give you the victory paper, they would sign the same and accept the defeat.

The vain Pandit went to the Ashram of Shri Sanatan Goswami and challenged him to a debate.

Shri Sanatan Goswami Ji was a picture of humility. He said, “I don’t know what a debate is? We are not learned people. We, in fact, are servants of learned people like you. Pray, command, how shall I serve you?”

The proud Pandit said, “If you do not wish to debate, then, accept your defeat and give it to me in writing.”

Shri Sanatan Swami Ji smiled and wrote the declaration of victory in favor of the Pandit with pleasure.

Pandit Ji was elated, He was returning to his place with the ‘Victory Document’ in his hand when he met Shri Jeev Goswami on the way.

They talked and Pandit Ji learnt that Shri Jeev Goswami Ji was the nephew of Shri Sanatan Goswami Ji. So, he showed him the ‘Victory paper’ and said, “I went to your Ashrama to have a debate with both of you.

You were not there but Shri Sanatan Goswami Ji accepted his defeat without a fight and wrote this ‘Victory paper’. Now what do you think?

When he does not have the courage to face me in debate, how can you possibly do it,as you are younger to him and therefore less experienced. It would just be right that you also sign this ‘Victory Paper’.”

Shri Jeev Goswami Ji had just entered youth and therefore was slightly hot-blooded. He did not like the tone and content of talk of this vain Pandit. He accepted the challenge to a debate. Even though young, he was well versed in academics.

The debate proceeded and it did not take long before Pandit Ji started beating about the bush. Pandit Ji could not face or answer the onslaught of loaded questions of Shri Jeev Goswami Ji and accepted defeat.

Shri Jeev Goswami Ji took back the ‘Victory paper’ and relayed the details of debate and its result to Shri Sanatan Goswami Ji.

Shri Sanatan Goswami Ji did not like this at all. He got infuriated and said, “Get away from my sight, I do not wish to even see your face. One immersed in pride and vain glory of victory has no right to live here.”

Shri Jeev Goswami Ji immediately caught the feet of Shri Sanatan Goswami Ji and profusely apologized for his mistake.

Shri Santan Goswami Ji admonished him affectionately and said, “Son! You would not have become any smaller if you had accepted defeat. One does not lose anything by accepting defeat on the hands of a learned man.

In fact, he wins more honor. By not accepting defeat, how much time did you lose in the debate. This valuable time could have been used in meditation.

If you nurture the sense of honor and reputation and allow this enemy (pride) to abide in your being, how would you devote to the Lord?”

The proud ones lose all their merit. Success is possible only when one, giving up his ego, recites the True Name of the Lord. Set fire to the status and honor. Give up all the vanity and nurture love for the Lord.”

Shri Jeev Goswami Ji realized his mistake and backed Shri Sanatan Goswami Ji to be forgiven.

Learned One Shri Sanatan Goswami Ji caressed him on his head and said “O Son! Always remember, the biggest obstacles in the union of the soul with the Lord are vanity and pride.

Hence, these should be shunned, and we should assume humility and modesty, so that Lord’s Grace may descend on the human being.”

The fortunate ones who get the company of the Learned Saints and whose inner eyes are opened by Their grace, are able to comprehend the secret of devotion.

They harbor virtues of humility & modesty. Otherwise, the common men falter along the path of vanity and suffer as a consequence.

Saints and learned ones have proclaimed this truth with emphasis again and again that if you become humble and meek, you will surely gain the vision of the Lord. This will elevate your life.

All saints have enjoined upon the aspirants of true devotion to nurture the virtue of humility and poverty. They have eulogized these virtues in their sermons and discourses.

Learned Ones have said that O man! If you wish to earn the pleasure of the Lord and make your life a fortuitous one, then, mold your life in accordance with the command and

moods of your Holy Master. Drive away all thoughts of self-consciousness i.e. egoism and fill your life with humility and submissiveness.

On the other hand, if you want to set your life afire while alive, in other words, suffer miseries, woes and worries, then, follow the path of egoism. But remember the result inherent in these paths.

You will reap as you sow. It now depends upon you entirely the path you choose to follow.

Once Bhakt Namdev Ji was going somewhere when he saw that the Lord’s prayers were in progress in a temple.

He went inside to join the recitation. Just as he started singing the Aarti, proud Brahmins turned him out of the temple. They did not even allow him to stand in front of the temple to have the holy vision of the Lord from outside.

Namdev Ji simply smiled at the insult and discomfiture. He went behind the temple and started singing glories of the Lord. Lord’s sport is unique.

A stream of compassion flowed through Lord’s heart. A miracle was wrought. The face of the temple started turning imperceptibly toward Bhagat Namdev Ji till he could have full vision of the Lord. Who can understand the depth of Lord’s play?

All this is due to virtue of humility. These virtues permeate the being of man when he seeks the company of the Saints and the True Master, basks in the sunshine of Their sermons; adopts Their preaching in his life and follows Their commands faithfully and earnestly.

Such an aspirant is freed of the vices of egoism and its companions like lust, anger, greed and attachment. Vanity is at the root of all vices that assail man, and this can be got rid of by obeying the True Master.

Therefore, one should surrender mind’s inner faculties, intellect, ego and heart at the Lotus Feet of the True Master. Once, you rid yourself of the vices of vanity and pride, you will be freed of worries and fears in life and all load will be off your mind. You will be happy and blissful.

Many people in the world suffer from ailments like blood pressure, heart attack etc. due to worries and fear. Their life becomes miserable.

Saints prescribe unique a prescription, i.e. one should offer his mind,heart, intellect and ego to his True Master and gain freedom from all worries.

In such a state, the Master assumes full responsibility of all your affairs. Your life thus will become a long saga of blissfulness.

Do worries help in any manner?

Do these help in accomplishing any task?

If not, then why don’t you follow the behests of your True Master and surrender your load of worries at His Lotus Feet and be free of the worries to enjoy a blissful life?

Once Shah Abdul Latif Sahib was gifted a horse by an aspirant. When Shah Sahib tried to ride it, the horse jumped wildly.

Instead of pulling the reins, Shah Sahib let loose the reins and the horse started walking, galloping and trotting in ease and comfort.

The disciples asked Shah Sahib the import of letting loose the reins, Shah Sahib explained, “Our mind is also like a wild horse.

When we surrender the reins of the mind to our True Master, the mind becomes submissive and gives up its wild propensities.

Today we handed over the reins of this, to our True Master and you have seen the result. Now, we comfort.” can reach the destination in Hence, it is the duty of an aspirant to harbor humility in accordance with the behests of the True Master so that he may win His pleasure and spend his life in comfort and bliss and pave the way to the Lord’s abode.

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