Most of the worldly people are busy in beautifying their physical bodies. However, they have forgotten that they are not just bodies but something far more than that. Indeed, they are the eternal parts of the Almighty God the souls.

When they fortunately reach the sanctuary of Saints, they understand that beautifying their minds or souls matters more than beautifying their physical bodies.

Divine One Shri Guru Amardas Ji

Maharaj enlightens us:

II Bani II

मनि मैले सभु किछु मैला तनि धोते मनु हछा न होइ ।। इह जगतु भरमि भुलाइआ विरला बूझे कोइ ।।

(Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji)

Meaning: When the mind is filthy, everything is filthy; by washing the body, the mind is not cleaned. This world is deluded by doubt; how rare are those who understand this!

The following story casts light on the importance of being beautiful by character rather than being beautiful physically.

Once there was a Saint, who lived in a large village. One day, he was preaching to a

crowd of people. While preaching, he pointed out a young man and said to him, “I will ask you two questions. Answer them truthfully.” The man stood and said, “Of course, I will.”

The Saint asked him the first question: “Suppose you are going to a market, and you see someone attractive; will you turn and look at them?”

The man said, “Yes, I will.”

The Saint asked, “How long will you remember their face?”

The man said, “Until I see someone more attractive than them.” Then he added, “I will remember it for a day or two, and then I will forget it.”

The Saint asked the second question: “Suppose I give you a small gift and ask you to hand it over to someone in a big city; will you do that?”

The man said, “Yes, I will definitely obey your order.”

The Saint said, “I will tell you the address of that person. Suppose when you arrive at that address, you are shocked looking at his house because he is not an ordinary man; it is the house of a billionaire. There are several cars and guards on the property. You tell the guards that you have come to hand

over a gift sent by the Saint. The guards call the rich man who comes outside to receive you. He accepts the gift and invites you to come inside, but you politely refuse. However, he lovingly insists that you come inside, and you are heartily welcomed into his house.

Even after politely refusing a few times, a delicious lunch is served to you. The rich man eats with you and asks about your well-being. You feel that you have not met him for the first time. Seeing his friendly behaviour, you feel that you have known him for a long time.”

He continued “Thereafter, he comes to the door to farewell you. Then, he asks you, ‘How did you come?’ You reply that you came there by a bus. He says to his driver to safely drop you at your house. You sit in a luxurious car and arrive at your house.

As you arrive, you receive a phone call from the rich man. He asks you, ‘Have you arrived comfortably?’ You reply that you have reached home safely. He asks you to save his phone number and call him whenever you need anything.”

After narrating this story, the Saint asked, “Now, tell me! How long will you remember that person?”

The young man who answered all the questions said, “I will remember him for my entire life.”

The Saint preached, “An attractive face

can be remembered for a few moments, but an attractive character forgotten.” can never be who

You cannot forget someone behaved kindly with you.

This story teaches that people spend a lot on beautifying their faces, they consume a lot of products to make themselves physically attractive, but they rarely make efforts to beautify their minds or souls.

If you beautify yourself, that is, the soul, no one will forget you in their life.

To beautify the minds and souls, Shri Shri 108 Shri Paramhans Satgurudev Daata Dayal Ji Maharaj, His Holiness the Fifth Spiritual Master has laid down five sacred spiritual disciplines of devotion. These disciplines are: Lit-Light Worship, Selfless Service, Holy Company of Saints, Meditation, and, Contemplation on the Divine Form of the True Master. One who sincerely obeys these golden disciplines and lives one’s life as per the teachings the beautiful soul. Divine Master is the most Wise Ones have stated:

11 Doha II

सुंदर सतगुरु हैं सही, सुंदर शिक्षा दीन्ह ।

सुंदर बचन सुनाइ के, सुंदर सुंदर कीन्ह ।।

Learned Saint Sundar Das Ji states that the True Master shows the right path, that is, the path of welfare, and leads the soul on it. By His divine teachings, He makes the lives of devotees beautiful and blissful.

We pray at the Holy Lotus Feet of our True Master to bless us with the power to work as per His Sacred Teachings, beautify ourselves spiritually and attain the true pleasure of the True Master.


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