Benefits of Exercise

Importance and Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of Exercise – helpful in strengthening our muscles and bones

  • While exercise works to keep us fresh, active and healthy, it is also helpful in strengthening our muscles and bones.
  • Many times, when surgery and medicines do not provide relief, then the patients of arthritis get a lot of relief by diet and keeping themselves physically active.
  • Therefore, experts also recommend doing yoga, range of motion, aerobic for at least 150 minutes every week, keeping in view the condition of the patient, so that the body becomes flexible and bones get strong.
  • Let us tell you that there are many other benefits of exercising for the patients of Arthritis, which are as follows.
  • The health of cartilage largely depends on exercise or movement. Because due to this, the joints are able to get the oxygen and essential nutrients as per the need.
  • Exercise strengthens the muscles and makes them flexible. Along with this, complaints of joint pain are also felt less.
  • Exercising daily reduces weight, due to which the stress on the joints automatically starts reducing.
  • Fatigue along with getting good sleep is not felt.

Tips for Exercise

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