Tips for Exercise

Benefits and Tips for Exercise

Basics Tips for Exercise

  • While exercise works to keep us fresh, active and healthy, it is also helpful in strengthening our muscles and bones.
  • Many times, when surgery and medicines do not provide relief, then the patients of arthritis get a lot of relief by diet and keeping themselves physically active.
  • Therefore, experts also recommend doing yoga, range of motion, aerobic for at least 150 minutes every week, keeping in view the condition of the patient, so that the body becomes flexible and bones get strong.
  • Let us tell you that there are many other benefits of exercising for the patients of Arthritis, which are as follows.
  • The health of cartilage largely depends on exercise or movement. Because due to this, the joints are able to get the oxygen and essential nutrients as per the need.
  • Exercise strengthens the muscles and makes them flexible. Along with this, complaints of joint pain are also felt less.
  • Exercising daily reduces weight, due to which the stress on the joints automatically starts reducing.
  • Fatigue along with getting good sleep is not felt.

Important Tips for Exercise – Disadvantages of over exercise in arthritis

Exercising in Arthritis is a good thing. But if you exercise excessively and without thinking, then you may also have to suffer its loss.

That’s why the right diet, which strengthens the bones and exercise in the right way, proves beneficial to lose weight. Exercising excessively can lead to increased pain, swelling and worsening of joint condition.

Not only this, but you may feel complaints of long-lasting fatigue, weakness, difficulty in walking and swelling in the joints. Many times, patients of Arthritis can face fracture, surgery or even permanent disability due to over-exercising. So avoid over exercise.

Get expert advice

To improve the situation, exercise according to the health of the joints as per the advice of the experts. So that you can see the improvement.

If you take the help of health care provider or physical therapist and do exercise according to their advice, then you will get more benefit. Your doctor may recommend a special type of scan called a DEXA in case of arthritis. Because through this scan, by understanding your bone mineral density, exercise is prescribed only on the basis of how much you are at risk of fracture.

Grow slowly

Remember that every other day you have a chance, which should be for improvement and not for pain or harm to your own body. So increase the exercise gradually, so that your body gets used to these changes. Only by deciding to lose weight on your own, by doing exercises like climbing stairs, descending, you can damage your joints in case of arthritis.

Warm up first

Before exercising, make sure to warm up your body to strengthen your muscles.

Select Low Impact Exercises

Walking, cycling, swimming, yoga, stretching are the best exercises for arthritis. Whereas for osteoporosis patients, only light exercise is right. Because injury can prove to be very fatal for them.

Take care of your diet too

Reducing calories not only reduces the load on the joints, but also does not require you to work out as much. Apart from this, exercising with a healthy diet improves bone density and strengthens muscles.

Consuming fruits, vegetables” omega 3 fatty acid rich food like seeds etc. helps in reducing inflammation and pain. Along with this, the consumption of things containing vitamin C helps in the growth of collagen. At the same time, calcium and vitamin D are very helpful in strengthening bones in the case of arthritis.

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