Lips Makeup Tips – How to color lips ?

Lips Makeup Tips

Lips Makeup Tips – If you are getting ready for the party and you thought that all the makeup is done and only lipstick has been applied on the lips, then this makeup will be incomplete somewhere.

While doing makeup, it is very important to pay attention to the make-up of the lips because it is an important part of our mouth, which attracts people’s attention even if they do not want to.

Talking about lip makeup, orange, red, burgundy and dark purple shades will be very much liked this season. Flashy red, cherry red and blood red, plum and maroon will remain in trend, but be careful while choosing them. Choose the shade of red that suits you.

Makeup Tips

  • Among the iconic colors of lipstick, Pop Art Red, Metallic Crimson, Dark Chocolate Red, Matte Fuchsia will be very much liked. If you are getting ready for a night party then all bold colors can be used.
  • For a party of the day, use a lighter lipstick eg, chocolatey red and peach shades would be fine.
  • Instead of lip pencil or lip liner, apply two coats of lipstick on the lips. If you want to focus more on eye makeup, then after applying a coat of lipstick, apply a shade lighter lip gloss in the center of the lips and blend it lightly.
  • If you want to use orange lipstick, then apply three coats of mascara with it. Keep eye makeup natural or minimal.
  • Always keep in mind that choose only those colors which match your skin and nature. If you are fair, then any color will suit you, but if your complexion is a bit suppressed then you have to be a little careful in choosing the color.

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