How to avoid allergies ?

How to avoid allergies ?

causes of allergy – An allergy is an abnormal reaction of the human immune system. Allergies can be caused to pollen, dust, mold, animal dander, insect stings, certain foods, chemicals, medicines, etc.

Allergic rhinitis (running nose)

causes of allergy

Allergic rhinitis, also commonly known as hay fever, occurs when our immune system overreacts to substances in the air. Our immune system has to face symptoms like sneezing and runny nose due to this.

These elements are called allergens, which means that they cause an allergic reaction. Allergic rhinitis is caused by a variety of allergens such as pollen, soil, dust, animal fibers and cockroaches.

Although polluted air is not an allergen, it can irritate the nose and lungs. There may be a higher risk of an allergic reaction through an irritated nose or lungs when you breathe in the allergen.

allergy prevention

Experts are not yet completely sure how to prevent allergic rhinitis. This is because a person comes in contact with a variety of allergens. Smoke and air pollution are also helpful in making a person vulnerable to allergies.

allergy treatment

The main treatment for this is staying away from the allergen, controlling the symptoms, and home remedies along with medication and in some cases immunotherapy. How often you need to have treatment depends on how often you have symptoms.

Precautions for the prevention of allergies

Stay away from allergens. By doing this you can reduce the symptoms of allergy and control it with very little medicine. It is necessary to clean the house daily so that dust, pet dander etc. are not in the house. Apart from this, try to stay indoors mostly when the amount of pollen grains in the air is high.

How to reduce allergy symptoms

Taking related medicines and taking home remedies helps in reducing its symptoms. The symptoms can also be reduced by cleaning the nasal passages. immunotherapy

If medication doesn’t ease your symptoms or has side effects, your doctor may recommend immunotherapy. In this treatment, you are given pills, which contain small amounts of certain allergens. Your body gets used to those allergens. So over time your body reacts less to these. This type of treatment protects against certain types of allergies.

watery eyes

Eye water maintains the lubricants (lubricity) of the eyes and prevents foreign objects i.e. dust etc. from entering the eyes. When excessive tears come out of a person’s eyes, then they move the tear ducts, due to which watery eyes i.e. water starts flowing from the eyes.

due to watery eyes

When the eyes are not able to keep the right balance of water, salt and oil, the essential elements of the eyes, then they become extremely dry. As a result of this irritation starts, due to which excessive water starts forming in the eyes and it comes out through the eyes.

Apart from this, clogged ducts, dust, wind, allergies, infection and injury etc. also cause watery eyes. Too much cold or sunlight is also responsible for watery eyes. Colds, sinus problems and allergies also cause this.

Finding out the cause of dry eyes is the best treatment for watery eyes. Although there is no harm from watery eyes, but there is definitely a problem. If you see such symptoms, then immediately consult an eye doctor.

  • Loss of eyesight.
  • Any injury to the eyes etc.
  • Let some chemical get into the eyes.
  • There is blood coming from the eyes or some foreign object has stuck in the eye.
  • watery eyes treatment
  • Watery eyes usually get better without treatment in most cases. But sometimes the situation becomes serious. For this it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Loss of eyesight.
Any injury to the eyes etc.
Let some chemical get into the eyes.
There is blood coming from the eyes or some foreign object has stuck in the eye.

watery eyes treatment

Watery eyes usually get better without treatment in most cases. But sometimes the situation becomes serious. For this it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Doctors prescribe eye drops for this, by treating the allergy responsible for watery eyes, this problem is prevented.

If there is an eye infection, then antibiotics are given for this.
A warm towel is placed over the eye several times which helps to open the clogged ducts.
Surgery is also used to clear clogged ducts.

Painful Throat

Sore throat is a common problem, which every person faces at one time or another. The symptoms of this can be any from sore throat to pain in teeth. Throat pain is usually seen as a sign of infection or allergy. If the pain in the throat is severe or there is difficulty in eating or breathing, then consult a doctor

due to painful throat

There are many reasons responsible for throat pain. When there is a pain in the throat, then you may see such symptoms. Swollen glands of the throat.

Throat injury.
Esophageal wound scars.
Ear infection.
Common causes of sore throat include cold, flu, chronic cough, acid reflux disease, throat infection, tonsils, food that damages the throat, etc.

Treatment of Painful Throat

The treatment of this depends on the cause of the pain. Usually, doctors recommend antibiotics for throat infections, tonsils, mouth infections, etc.

Sometimes doctors give numbing mouthwash to numb the throat before giving antiallergic antibiotics. It is also treated with Throat Spray. if that

If there is a recurring throat problem due to tonsils or if the medicine does not affect the tonsils, then the doctor advises to remove them by surgery.

skin allergies

skin allergy is more commonly seen in women. Generally, those whose skin is highly sensitive, they are more prone to skin allergies. When a particular thing does not suit the skin, then allergies arise on it.

In such a situation, there is a need to stay away from those things. If problems such as itching, burning, rash, redness of the skin are seen on the skin, then it should be understood that it is a problem of skin allergy or contact dermatitis.

skin allergy symptoms

As soon as the body comes in contact with the allergen, if there is a complaint of contact dermatitis, then soon or within a few hours the skin becomes red, itching, burning, hot, pimples, blisters, swelling, pain etc. begin to appear.

Allergies to plastic, metal, leather, etc. can cause sores. Ears or nose can become inflamed from wearing artificial jewellery. Due to the bite of slippers, a wound occurs at that place and then water starts coming out of it.

The skin returns to normal within a few days after contact with the allergen is removed. This allergy on some skin becomes very serious. With persistent allergies, it turns into a serious skin disease.

due to skin allergies

Chemical-rich things like bindi, poor quality cosmetics like lipstick, nail polish, hair dye, sindoor, face cream, shaving cream, soap, perfume, medicine, paint, polish, toothpaste etc. are the causes of skin allergies.

Artificial jewellery, ferrums of glasses, watch straps, slippers, washing powder, colour, plastic, ink, car steering, petrol, diesel, kerosene, mobil oil, new or old notes, coins etc. can also be the cause of skin allergy. can.

skin allergy treatment

The best and easiest way to avoid contact dermatitis is to keep a note of the thing to which the skin is allergic, and then stop using it.

When that thing does not come in contact with the skin, then the problem of contact dermatitis will not arise. Avoid eating, do not use sour things, more chili spices, oily things, stale food etc.

Pay special attention to the cleanliness of the skin. If the skin is more sensitive, change the inner clothes both in the morning and evening, change shirt pants daily. Do not use others’ bedding, towels, clothing, etc. If you are allergic to new things, definitely see the doctor.

Before using any new cosmetic, put it on your wrist and go to sleep. If there is no burning or redness in that place till morning, then use it.

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