Bhakt Ambadas Ji was a devotee of Lord Shri Ram. Lord‟s divine form had found a place in the core of his heart right from childhood. He had unshakeable faith that one day he shall attain the holy vision of the Lord in His radiant form. Love for Lord Shri Ram completely enveloped him.

Wherever he would see the idol of Lord Shri Ram, a desire to have the radiant vision of Him would surge in his heart. He had heard that such a desire can be fulfilled if one were to serve his Holy Master with faith and determination.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

He had a meeting with Learned Saint Shri Samrath Swami Ram Das Ji. The Master immediately recognized his disciple having divine potential and noble qualities from previous births. Ambadas Ji sought the refuge of the Divine Master and prayed, “Lord! May Your grace smile upon me”.

The Holy Master replied, “It all depends upon your faith” and blessed him with his gracious gaze.

The  gateway  to  the  life‟s  ambition  had been opened. Ambadas Ji got down to Divine Master‟s service with heart and soul to win his pleasure. His dedication was one-pointed.

He knew no rest and was absolutely indifferent to the world. He did not care for others’ comments or thoughts. His pure desire was to have vision of Lord Shri Ram by winning the pleasure of his Divine Master through selfless service of his Divine Master‟s lotus feet.

He was completely concentrating on achieving this aim of his life. His eating, drinking, sleeping, in fact, his very life was fully dedicated to his Lord. The Holy Master was indeed pleased with him and cited his devotion on many occasions.

One day, Learned One Swami Shri Ram Das Ji was resting under the shade of a huge tree near a big well. One of the branches of that tree hung over the well.

The Holy Master thought that this was the auspicious time when Lord Shri Ram would himself appear at that very spot and it is just the perfect occasion for Ambadas Ji to fulfill his life-long desire. And the limitless faith and firm determination of Ambadas Ji would also be evident before other disciples.

The Divine Master causally asked Ambadas Ji to come near Him. The Master pointed to the branch of the tree overhanging the mouth of the well and said, “Amba! Can you reach that branch?”

Ambadas Ji answered promptly, “Yes!

My Lord! I can reach that with ease”.

The Master commanded, “Then you sit on that branch and cut it off”. Without question, Ambadas Ji picked up an axe and started climbing the tree to reach that branch.

The Master said, “Be careful. Hit the branch right and proper. You stand on the branch with your back to the forward end of the branch and then strike with the axe.”

All the disciples were stunned. If Ambadas Ji were to comply with this command, he would surely fall in the well. They wondered whether the Holy Master had given this a thought. But Ambadas Ji just said, “As you command, my Lord.” He reached that branch as commanded.

The Master, in order to raise a doubt and highlight the oddity of the command, said, “Do you realize that if you cut this way, you will fall in the well and may be drowned.” Ambadas Ji paid his respects to the Divine Master from where he was and said in all humility. “Master! If I obey thy command with full faith, nothing can happen to me. When I can cross the cosmic ocean with your grace, where is the significance of this small well?

The Master smiled and said, “All right!

Go ahead.”

Ambadas Ji had hardly cut about half of the branch, when it broke and with a loud frightening noise, Ambadas fell into the well. The disciples were trembling in fear and started shouting.

The Divine Master asked them all to keep quiet. The disciples obeyed but were afraid that Ambadas Ji would surely die. How can one survive after such a big fall?

No sound was coming from the well. They thought that Ambadas Ji must have become unconscious. But the Holy Master displayed complete peace as if nothing had happened.

Ambadas Ji fell straight in the middle of the well. He did not know where had his axe and the branch gone. He recited the Divine Master‟s name and prayed for Lord Shri Ram’s vision.

He opened his eyes and kept on gazing at what he saw. He envisioned Lord Shri Ram whose vision even saints and mystics could not get even after numerous years of austerities.

Lord stood there in His divine form as if waiting for him alone. Same form of blue color with royal robes, ornaments and crown adorned with bow and arrows with enchanting smile manifested before him in flesh and body. Ambadas Ji was filled with strange ecstatic happiness.

Ambadas Ji kept on gazing at the divine radiant form of the Lord and tears of joy started rolling down his cheeks. He bowed at the lotus feet of the Lord and prayed, “How quick are you to bestow your grace in reward for the Divine Master’s service.”

At that moment, his mind was emptied of thoughts and desires except concentration of his gaze on the blissful divine form of his Lord Rama. His head was on the Lotus Feet of the Lord and Lord’s hand of grace upon his head. The world outside did not exist for him anymore.

Outside, the disciples observed that the Holy Master was not the least concerned  about the delay. They grew restless and said, “Lord! If Ambadas Ji is not pulled out of the well soon, we shall never be able to concentrate on our studies. We request we may be allowed to look into the well and find out if he is still alive”.

The Master smiled and called without moving from his seat, “Ambadas Ji! How are you? What is going on?” Just at that moment. Lord Rama decided to leave and noiselessly disappeared. The words of the Divine Master struck the ears of Ambadas Ji and his consciousness returned to this earth. In a voice filled with joy, he said, “l am fine by your Benign Grace, my Lord.”

Later, Ambadas Ji was pulled out of the well. He caught the feet of the Master firmly. Tears of joy rolled down his cheeks, he expressed his deep gratitude in emotional voice and said, “My Lord! You have so graciously fulfilled my lifelong desire.” So saying, his throat was choked. He could speak no more words.

The Master placed his hand of grace on his disciple’s head and ‘named him „Kalyan’. Henceforth, he was known as „Bhakt Kalyan Ji’. He got down to his service with the same dedication, unflinching faith, and love with his mind, body and soul as before and achieved the spiritual aim of his life. That is why, it has been said:

Service of Divine Master leads to Lord Benign, Miseries gone, stands revealed Name Divine.

Recite you Name, O Mind sublime,Envision the Lord with Master‟s service thine.

Therefore, when a man is fortunate enough to attain the company of the saints and the protective grace of Divine Master, he should engage himself in his service in a spirit of surrender, selflessness, faith and love, which is the source of all happiness, mental and spiritual. Therein lies the key to success in life and way to the divine pleasure of the Divine Master.

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