Baba Murad Shah Ji -How did baba ji get the name Murad Shah?

Baba Murad Shah ji

Baba Murad Shah ji

Baba Murad Shah ji was from a big family. Baba Murad Shah ji himself was also very educated and was posted as an SEO in Delhi. His real name was VidyaSagar.

Wherever he used to work, a Muslim girl also used to work. Baba Ji had fallen in love with that girl spiritually. One day the marriage of that girl was fixed and came to Baba Ji and said that if you want to marry with me, then you will have to become a Muslim.

Hearing this, Baba Ji decided to go home and while studying Heer of Waris Shah, he reached Nakodar. There he was going to Baba Ji’s house on one such day, then on the way he saw Baba Sher-e-Shah Ji.

Baba Sher-e-Shah ji called out to him that where are Vidya Sagar going, Baba ji thought that this man seemed to have some spiritual power.

Then Baba ji went to him. Baba Sher-e-Shah ji said that if you want to become a Muslim, then you will be in the name of Baba Murad Shah ji. Then Sher-e-Shah ji said, come and meet your family members.

After going home, Baba ji came back to Baba Sher-e-Shah ji and started living with him. Baba ji had to give many examinations by staying with Sher-e-Shah ji. But he went on passing all the exams one by one. Baba ji became the dearest of Shere Shah ji.

It continued like this, then one day the daughter-in-law of Baba Sher-e-Shah ji came to take him back. Then Baba Sher-e-Shah ji said to his son, first ask Vidya Sagar ji! Then Vidyasagar ji says that this is your father, what can I say if you want to take him, you can take him.

When it came to sitting on the throne, Baba Sher-e-Shah ji told someone, then that man said that I am a tribal man, you tell Vidya Sagar.

How did Baba ji get the name Murad Shah?

When asked Vidya Sagar ji, he said that I will do as you say. But Vidya Sagar ji said that I will miss you a lot. Then Baba Sher-e-Shah ji said that whenever you remember me, I will come and from today your name will be Murad Shah and you will fulfill the wishes of the people.

Then Baba Ji started living at the Dera itself. A woman used to carry a box of bread everyday. One day Baba ji called her mother and asked where are you going? Further the woman replied that the day after tomorrow my child is going to be hanged, I am taking bread for them.

On this Baba Ji said that he has been acquitted.. That woman felt that she was joking. When the woman goes ahead, she meets the policeman and says that your children have been acquitted two days ago.

That woman then goes to Baba Murad Shah ji. Baba ji considered that woman as his mother. She would come to the camp every day and bring tea for Baba ji and take away his dirty clothes and then clean the clothes and give them back.

One day Baba Ji said that we should send your son to England. That woman said Baba ji, we are very poor people, how can we go?

Then Baba Ji said, I have told you mother, tell your sons to go to Delhi and meet a man and they will go out. Both the sons of that woman go to Delhi to meet the man and then after some time go to England.

Time passes like this, Baba Murad Shah ji always used to walk barefoot. Baba Sher-e-Shah ji had told him that the day a thorn will prick in your feet, understand that I have left this world.

One day while walking on the road, a thorn pricked the feet of Baba Murad Shah ji. Baba Murad Shah ji could not bear the separation of his Guru and he too soon left the world at the age of 28.

Baba Murad Shah ji started Fakiri at the age of 24 and left the world at the age of 28.

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