Vitamins and Supplements – Are They Magic Pills?

Vitamins and Supplements

What are you doing to improve your immunity ? Are you taking popping vitamin C or multivitamin tablets? Immunity is the new Indian obsession.

The Dietary Supplement Market in India is worth $ 3924 million and it is expected to triple by 2026. The market is feeding on our fears, on our poor lifestyle like eating refined sugar foods, over exercises or no exercises, high stress levels and prolonged use of antibiotics. Let us discuss some some of these supplements which have become a household names.


Zinc is selling like hot cakes. Zinc boosts our immune system and it can be obtained easily from whole grain, legumes, nuts, cashews and cocoa powder.

It is nowhere proved that consuming zinc tablets will make us super humans and we will be able to fight the corona virus but it has been proved that consuming too much zinc will lead to copper deficiency. anaemia, nervous system damage.

Vitamin C

Nature has provided us with abundant source of Vitamin C. If we still pop up Vitamin C, it is a shame. Amla, lemon, oranges, guava, capsicum have loads of vitamin C


Of course, it is essential for bone strength, but have you ever thought that why after consuming Calcium tablets still people remain Calcium deficient.

Firstly, Calcium absorption is never easy as it requires acidic environment. Secondly, Calcium is fat soluble So popping pill with water will not help much. Moreover, it can get deposited in body, leading to cataract, calcification of arteries, kidney and gall bladder stones.

Natural sources are much better like phool makhana roasted in ghee or oil, cow milk, peanut butter. Or even a little edible “chuna” from paan shop added to curd will do the job.

Vitamin B12

If you are a vegetarian, you have to take Vitamin B12 has become the slogan of the supplement industry. B 12 is important for our

nerves, blood and DNA. So, the concern seems all the more real. Some signs of B12 defeciency are extreme tiredness, pale yellow skin, brown nails, mouth ulcers, depression.

So do we need to turn non vegetarians? No, not at all. Sprouts are rich in vitamin B12, even if consumed once a week. Wheat grass, moringa leaves, dairy products, Indian gooseberry, mushroom, beetroot are potent sources of vitamin B12.

A study by Stanford University showed that if one consumes probiotic rich foods the bio- availability of vitamin B12 increases many fold.


It is a part of the vitamin B family and is water soluble. It has been crazily promoted these days. Many of us mindlessly pop these pills without realising the fact that our intestines produce it more than that is required and biotin deficiency is actually rare. Eating whole grain, bananas, nuts, probiotic foods, fermented foods help to improve the health of intestines. We underestimate our body’s intelligence. If our

body can heal a broken bone, it can produce

biotin also, provided our intestines are healthy.

The problem does not end here, 60 to 70% of dietary supplements sold across India are fake, counterfeit, unregistered and unapproved. Heavy metals which are known to cause cancer, dementia and brittle bones contaminate many diet supplements. If the body requires supplements, then it will be prescribed by a good doctor for a period of time.

But if self care is your goal, don’t let advertisement take you for a ride. NOTHING SUPPLEMENTS WHOLESOME HOME COOKED MEAL.

Follow the RED principle

R- proper REST, E-adequate EXERCISE like asanas and pranayam, D-homely DIET Otherwise your health will be on red alert.

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