Treasure Of Peace


  1. Many people harbour lust within and ironically seek to behold the Lord. They are such ignorant ones, who have sown the seed of poison and expect the fruit of immortality.
  2. If you have to recite, then recite the Holy Name of the Perfect Spiritual Master; if you have to behold, then behold the divine demeanour of the Perfect Spiritual Master; if you have to hear, then hearken the Divine Name bestowed by the Perfect Spiritual Master. Other than the Spiritual Master, do not utter, see, or hear anything. In this way, you shall finally merge in Him.
  3. If you consider a certain path to be righteous, but the Holy Master forbids you to follow that path, then reckon that path as unrighteous.
  4. Pray at the sacrosanct threshold of the Lord for the attainment of Truth. Truth is the Lord alone. Therefore, beseech for nothing except the Lord. You will be amazed to see that once He abides with you, there is no worldly attainment whatsoever that does not accompany Him.
  5. At the hallowed threshold of the Compassionate

Lord, ask for the grant of divine wisdom even for the

adversaries. Always harbour the steadfast thought that everyone might get close to the Divine Lord and remain away from the vices.

  1. Those who pray to the Lord for evanescent worldly objects pour milk in a rusted vessel.
  2. Death shall certainly embrace one day. Then why not renounce your ego and ‘I-ness’ this very moment and tread the path of devotion.
  1. If your mind is impetuous, then how shall you attain eternal peace? Sometimes, you are peaceful while sometimes you are infuriated; sometimes, you harbour chastity in the heart while on other occasions you are overpowered by lust; sometimes you foster renunciation while sometimes you are under the spell of avarice; sometimes detached while at other times subdued by attachment; sometimes the mind is passive while at other times it is blown up with egotism. Your condition will be like a blacksmith’s pincer that alternates between fire and water. Therefore, endeavour to make the mind still by accepting Almighty Lord’s Holy Will.
  2. How can the Impeccable Lord dwell in an impure and defiled heart? If you desire to envision the Beloved Lord, then immerse in His holy remembrance to such an extent that everything else fades into oblivion. As long as you remember other things, the Beloved Lord shall not abide within.
  3. The Benevolent Perfect Holy Master is the

Manifestation of the Transcendental Lord. His holy service is, in fact, service unto the entire Universe. His holy vision alone is the divine vision of the Lord Almighty. His sacred articulations are, in essence, the ethereal verbalizations of the Supreme Lord.

  1. Nothing can be attained by engaging the mind in the false objects of the world; both the worlds shall be ruined. Then, why should such a deed be performed that later on leads to repentance?
  2. At one place material gain is little, but the holy association is accessible. At another place, the material gain is more but the sacred assemblage is unobtainable. Nevertheless, you must opt for the first place. Reckon that lesser gain also as exorbitant profit.
  1. He, who has attained true association of the Holy Saints, does not inflate his ego even on attaining worldly accomplishments and honour.
  2. If you incur material losses while making spiritual gains, then consider yourself as being in a state of prosperity.
  3. The suffering that would ensue by keeping the company of a non-believer in the Perfect Spiritual Master, is comparable to the wretched sufferings of the infernal regions. Therefore, refrain from such an undesirable company.
  4. You may think that by committing evil in a

hidden way, you shall be saved from punishment; this cannot happen even in the three epochs. Today or tomorrow, you will reap the fruition of evil deeds.

  1. Though the venomous serpent, Kaliya was certain that it would slay Lord Shri Krishna, it met with its doom. He, who thinks that Truth shall be destroyed and untruth shall prevail, shall perish himself.
  2. The holy words of the Perfect Spiritual Master are omnipotent. Therefore, whatever He asseverates, reverentially accept it as the final truth.
  3. An ignorant man drowning in the river, too tries to save himself. Reckon him as unfortunate, who despite being wise and aware that the world is an ocean of mundane existence, he does not adopt the devotional expedients to swim across this ocean.
  4. House, clothing, food, or conveyance are alone blessedly productive when used by devotees, Saints and the Holy Master. The shack of the devotees is far more blessed than the mansions of the materialistic man.
  1. The servile devotee is the soul while the Perfect Spiritual Master is the Supreme Soul. The devotee, who is proud of his physical frame turns away from the Perfect Spiritual Master, who is an Embodiment of Pure Bliss; consequently, he faces sorrows.
  2. It is the holy behest of the Spiritual Master that the devotee should rise above praise or condemnation,

happiness or grief, joy or sorrow, jealousy or aversion and the five passions; in other words, the sensual pleasures. Let hundred thousands of people praise or condemn you; others might try to allure you or scare you, do not pay any heed.

  1. A devotee alone knows the ambrosial essence of devotion; how can one drowned in sense pleasures, know about it? How can a wriggly worm feeding on excreta know the taste of fruit or sweetmeat?
  2. Do not get quickly influenced by vicious thoughts of the mind. Save yourself with the shield of patience, concentration, and prayer, otherwise, you shall repent both here and hereafter.
  3. The key to success is the determined absorption in your task without thought of any reward.