Tone of speech

Tone of speech

Tone of speech – We should have complete control over our speech. No word should be brought on one’s tongue without thinking. The wound done by a weapon gets healed after getting time, but the wound done by speaking inappropriate words keeps on giving pain to the soul till death.

Paramsant Shri Kabir Sahib ji say

Speak like this, lose your temper. Make your body cool, may the woman be happy.

It is said that a person should speak such a voice which is egoless. There should be so much sweetness in it that even oneself gets coolness and the heart of the listener also becomes calm. The ability of a human being is tested by speech. The more humble he is, the more virtuous he will be.

In the seventeenth chapter of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Lord Shri Krishna while speaking to Arjuna says:

Anudwegkaram sentence satyam priyahitam cha yat.

That is, one should speak only true, beneficial and loving words that do not annoy others. darling

The speaker gets his position recognized by himself.

The story is that once a king went out to hunt. While running after a deer, he got separated from his companions. There was a hut in the forest in which a sage Surdas lived. The Kotwal while passing by asked that sage – O blind! Tell me if an animal has come out of here a while back?

So the sage replied that O Kotwal! A little while ago a deer came out of here. After some time, the vizier, leaving from there, asked the same sage – O Surdas! Has any man passed by here? The sage replied that O Wazir! From here have gone to Kotwal Sahib.

The king also came behind the vizier. He asked the sage – O gentleman! Has some person passed by here? To which the sage replied – O king! From here the vizier and the kotwal have gone. When the king, the vizier and the kotwal met, they started talking about how they met a sage who had no eyes. Yet how did he call everyone by addressing him by his name?

To know this, he again went to that sage.

The king asked the sage that how did you address all of us by our name even if you did not have eyes? The sage replied that a man can be identified by his speech and manner of talking.

Your way of talking was polite, that’s why I called you king. Bazir’s manner of talking was a little less polite, so I called him Vazir.

The manner of talking of the Kotwal was even less polite than that, so I recognized him and addressed him to the Kotwal.

The king bowed to him as an experienced man and asked how he would get such inner wisdom?

The sage replied that by the practice of Naam, the sun becomes subtle from the gross, the filthy veils are removed.

Purity and purity come in the mind. When the light of knowledge becomes the light of knowledge, there comes an intimacy in the human being. Hearing this, the king requested the sage to donate his name.

Seeing the immense reverence and love of the king, the sage blessed him with the name, chanting which led to an unexpected change in the king’s thoughts. The sweetness of speech made the king move towards the path of devotion and put four moons in his life.