A Wise Saint was meditating while sitting under a tree

Once, a Wise Saint was meditating while sitting under a tree. Suddenly, he saw a lumberjack cutting down the trees. On the first day, although the Saint saw the lumberjack, he did not talk to him.

On the second day again, the Saint saw the lumberjack, but he did not start any conversation with him. However, on the third day, when the lumberjack came to cut down the trees, the Saint said to him, “Listen man! I see you coming here daily to cut down the wood. You are a hard worker. I think you must have collected abundance of wealth.”

The lumberjack and The Saint conversation

Hearing this, the lumberjack  laughed and said, “It is nothing like what you are thinking. I do not earn much by cutting these huge chunks of wood, due to which it is very difficult for me to raise my family.”

The Saint said to the lumberjack, “Why do you not move forward? There are sandalwood trees in the forest ahead. Do you not know that sandalwood is very expensive?”

The lumberjack thought that the Saint was telling a lie, because if there were sandalwood trees ahead, why would He sit here and not earning money by selling that sandalwood? However, the lumberjack decided to go ahead and check whether the Saint was telling him the truth or not.

As the lumberjack reached the forest ahead, he was shocked. He always thought that he was the only one who had the highest knowledge about the forest, but looking at the sandalwood trees all around, his misconception was removed.

He returned back to the Saint and said to Him, “I misunderstood you. Please forgive me. I thought that you were deceiving me, but there were a number of sandalwood trees there.”

The Saint said, “You do not need to ask for forgiveness because I just guided you to what you did not know.”

Now, the lumberjack started selling sandalwood instead of the cheap wood. With the money earned in one day, he could make his next three days comfortable; he had no need to work for the next three days. He continued the same for a number of months. One day, the lumberjack met that saint again co-incidentally.

The Saint said, “Are you still earning money by selling sandalwood?”

The lumberjack said, “Yes, I still sell sandalwood only.”

The Saint said, “Leave the sandalwood forest now and go ahead; you will find mines of silver. If you would collect silver for one day, you will be living comfortably for the next two to three months.”

The lumberjack went ahead and he saw the silver mines there. He brought piles of silver to his home and lived comfortably for the next five to six months.

Now, the lumberjack had complete trust in the Saint. He became a rich man. After a number of months, one day, the rich lumberjack was going to bring silver from the forest. On the way, he again met the Saint.

The Saint asked him, “Are you collecting silver yet?”

The lumberjack said, “Yes.”

The Saint said, “Go ahead. You will find gold mines there. Did you never think to go ahead and check?

The lumberjack said, “No, I did not think so before.” Obeying the Saint, the lumberjack went ahead and he found gold all around.

Now he brought gold to his home for one day and lived comfortably for a number of years. After a long time, one day again, the lumberjack met the Saint.

The Saint asked, “Are you still collecting gold? Go ahead. You will find diamond mines there.”

The lumberjack went ahead and saw that there were diamond mines all around. Now, the life of the lumberjack was just like that of a king. He built mansions for his family. He crossed the age of 60 now. After a number of years, one day, he went to meet the Saint.

The lumberjack joined his hands and thanked to the Saint. The Saint said, “Did you stop at diamonds only? Go ahead.”

Now, the lumberjack had become very self-satisfied; he had become extremely rich. That is why he said to Saint, “Please leave now; do not trouble me. What can be more superior than diamonds?”

How the saint told him about the power of meditation ?

The Saint said, “I am. Did you never think to why this Saint was sitting so peacefully?

Did you never think to why He was not collecting diamonds even though He had knowledge about the location of mines of diamonds?

Did you never think that He must have obtained something superior to diamonds that made him so peaceful?”

Hearing this, the lumberjack started crying and touched the Saint‟s feet. He said to the Saint, “What a fool I am who never thought that one who renounced silver, gold, diamonds must have something superior than that!”

Now, I want to know, which wealth do you own due to which all other things of the world are worthless for you?

The Saint said, “I want to tell you about that wealth. That wealth is meditation of the True Name.”

You have collected a huge wealth of the outer world. Now, turn towards your inner self. From the above story, we should understand why the Divine Masters always emphasize on meditation.

It is our duty to meditate regularly in accordance with the commands of the Perfect Master.


Mata Rani ki Mahima


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