Metaverse means – a virtual world

Metaverse means – A virtual world


What is a virtual world ?

The Metaverse is a virtual world that is completely dependent on high-speed Internet. Mark Zuckerberg has called the metaverse a virtual environment.

In the real world you have to go to a place to visit a place, in which you have many problems, but in Mataverse you can go to America or any corner of the world sitting at home. You can also experience the experience of sitting at home in space.

Everything in the metaverse is virtual. Nothing real happens in it. By metaverse means a world in which you exist even though you are not.

Metaverse – In Stephenson’s novel, the metaverse meant

Metaverse has been in the news a lot for the past few months. In October last year, the CEO of Meta (Facebook). Mark Zuckerberg named the company Meta and said that we want the world to know us as the Metaverse, although Metaverse is not a new word.

Metaverse may have suddenly come into the limelight today, but it is a very old word. It was mentioned by Neil Stephenson in his dystopian novel Snow Crash in 1992.

In Stephenson’s novel, the metaverse meant a world in which people interact with the digital world in video games, such as headphones, and virtual reality devices.

Today we will tell you in this report in very easy language that what is Metaverse and why are the world’s big tech companies investing in it?

One world is the Universe (universe) and now the new world is born as the Mataverse. It is believed that in the process of the Big Bang, there was a big explosion inside a spherical microscopic body made of heavy materials, which gave birth to the universe.

You can touch, feel everything in the universe. People are physically present in the universe, but the metaverse (virtual world) is completely different from this.

In Metaverse, a student sitting in a village can take a class in any school or college in Delhi in the same way as sitting in a classroom. In the Metaverse it is also possible to talk to people who are no longer in this world. In this, a hologram will be prepared from that person’s picture and then with the help of artificial intelligence, you will be able to talk.

Essentials for the Metaverse Experience

You cannot experience the metaverse without a virtual reality headset and high-speed internet. It requires augmented reality goggles, a smartphone and a mobile app.

If someone tells you that you can experience the metaverse only with mobile, then he is misleading you. You can watch recorded videos of Metaverse from mobile, but cannot experience Metaverse. In the metaverse, people form holograms that are virtual avatars of someone.

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