how to protect skin from sun naturally ?

how to protect skin from sun?

=> how to protect skin from sun ?

To protect skin from sun in summer –

In summer, your skin gets damaged due to scorching sun. Due to this the skin often turns black. Despite using sunscreen and umbrella, the UV rays of the sun show their effect. As a result you may have skin tan problem. In skin tan, the skin turns black from place to place. But do not panic, the problem of tanning can be avoided by some home remedies.

To protect skin from sun we should follows these home some home remedies : –

Cucumber and Rose Water

Mix rose water and cucumber juice in lemon and apply it on the face. By doing this you will get relief in the problem of skin tan.

honey and lemon juice

Mix a few drops of lemon juice in two spoons of honey and apply it on the face twice a day. After half an hour wash your face with cold water. This will brighten up your face.

Oats and Butter Milk Pack

Butter milk makes skin dry and soft. Prepare a paste by mixing a spoonful of ground oats with buttermilk. Apply this paste on the tan affected part of your face and body. Oats exfoliates the aging skin and makes your skin glow.

curd and gram flour

Mixing gram flour and lemon juice in fresh curd brings color to the skin. If you apply this mixture twice regularly, you will get rid of skin tan. Also, if you have acne marks on your face, then they will also become lighter.

lemon rub treatment

If you want to keep your elbows and knees as well as other parts of the body soft and clean, then lemon is very beneficial. Take a fresh lemon and rub it on the affected part of your body for 15 minutes. Wash it off with clean water after it dries completely.

coconut water

Fresh coconut water improves the complexion of the skin and makes the skin soft. It will be beneficial to apply it on hands and face twice a day. Along with this, by drinking coconut water, the skin gets the necessary nutrition and it blooms.

Boiled Potato and Lemon

If the skin is a victim of tanning, mix half a teaspoon of lemon juice in a boiled potato and apply it on the face. This will remove the blackness of the skin. Lemon and sugar Mix lemon juice in powdered sugar and apply on the face for 20 minutes. If the skin is dry, add a few drops of glycerin to this mixture.

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