DIVINE DIRECTIONS – For every field of study in this world, there are always experts with deep specialized knowledge about it. To gain knowledge, to learn a skill, or to have on hand experience in that field, the easiest way is to consult the experts and follow their directions. Similarly,  to gain true knowledge about the self, and to accomplish the real task of human life, the easiest way is to go to the sanctuary of the Perfect Spiritual Master and follow His divine directions.

The Perfect Spiritual Master is the embodiment of God. He incarnates in the world for the welfare of humanity. He is the form of absolute truth, consciousness, and bliss. He is the ocean of true knowledge. He is the best owner of happiness and peace.

By having His Holy Darshan, and by listening to His teachings, spiritual seekers gain true knowledge. This is the only knowledge with which they may identify truth and falsehood, and accomplish the real task of human life: Communion with God.

For devotees, to follow the divine directions of the Holy Master is as crucial as it is for students to follow their teacher while doing an experiment, even if they have already gained deep knowledge of the topic from their teacher. The teacher is the master of their subject and knows which actions to take during an experiment if they meet unfavorable conditions.

In the same way, undoubtedly, while the Perfect Spiritual Master has already bestowed the complete true knowledge over devotees on how to reach their goal, it is still vital for them to follow His divine directions.

Shri Shri 108 Shri  Paramhans Satgurudev Ji, His Holiness the Second Spiritual Master, once enlightened devotees by His teachings:

“Those who do not follow the divine directions of the Holy Master have devoted themselves to their minds. To follow the divine directions is the supreme duty of a devotee. The real meaning of following „Divine Directions‟   is   not   solely   listening   to   the teachings of the Holy Master, but is to completely implement them. Even after attaining the sanctuary of the True Master, if one has not learned to be ready to follow the divine directions, how can one have a blissful life?”

“One who has bound oneself within the divine directions will become free from all bondages. However, one who wants to get free from the holy bond of divine directions is actually stuck in the bondage of the mind. One who wants to become free living in the bondage of the mind can never obtain liberation. One who does not follow the divine directions of the Holy Master will have to repent.

Learned Saint Dadu Dayal Ji states:

How can a disciple save themselves from the attack of the devil if they do what the True Master forbids to do? As water floods in all directions upon the breakage of a dam, in the same way the devil will attack them everywhere they go.

Great Saint Shri Kabir Sahib Ji states:

This is the duty of each devotee: they must follow the divine directions with their hearts. This is the personal duty and real target of each devotee.”

Thus, the Second Spiritual Master enlightened us on the importance of following the divine directions of the Holy Master. Whatever the True Master lovingly commands us to do is not just advice, but it is the message for us from the abode of God. As it has also been stated in Shri Guru Mahima:

The divine commandments or directions which the Holy Master gives to us from time to time descend from the abode of God; these directions are extremely precious. The disciples who follow these directions face no hindrances in their lives.

The True Master, indeed, can see our past, present and future. He knows which obstacles are going to obstruct our way.

Therefore, with His divine directions, He shows us the right path to move forward without being stricken by obstacles.

For example, although, a person has learned how to drive a car, he still needs to follow the instructions on the road such as traffic lights, warning signals, hazard signs and so on. Generally, those who feel overconfident of their driving and do not follow the road signs become victims of accidents.

Similarly, disciples should never have even a little pride of any of their knowledge or experiences; instead, they should humbly obey what the Divine Master directs them to do.

We pray at the Holy Lotus Feet of our Divine Master to bless us with the power to follow His divine directions and attain His true pleasure.